Dr. Michael A. Thomas, Jr. has acquired the East Cobb practice of Dr. Vikram Bhatia and Dr. Jeffrey Chen in Marietta, Georgia.

Dr. Thomas grew up in Thomson, Georgia. He attended dental school at Augusta University Dental Collage of Georgia and graduated in 2013. Following dental school, he went on to complete a General Practice Residency in New York. After working in corporate dentistry for a few years, he called BridgeWay to help him find a practice of his own. Four months later, he was the proud new owner Marietta Smile Gallery in East Cobb, his ideal location. During this time, his first child, Max, was born. What an exciting time in Dr. Thomas’ life! We wish him the best of luck in his new roles as father and practice owner!

Overall, I felt that my experience was very good. I always felt that Celeste Kohl had my best interest in mind while being fair and reasonable. I think she did an awesome job with the completion of the transition. I appreciate her hard work and dedication. Thank you so much!!!

Dr. Michael Thomas

Dr. Eric Jones has acquired the practice of Dr. A. Barry Hatcher in Dacula, GA

Dr. Alan Barry Hatcher graduated from Emory University School of Dentistry in 1983. He and his wife, Deborah, established their practice that same year and worked together for the next 35 years. Dr. Hatcher kept an all fee-for-service practice throughout that time period and was ready to retire before having to deal with signing up with the insurance companies. He had several other businesses that he ran and was ready for him and his wife to retire from practice ownership.

Dr. Eric Jones graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina and started his first practice in Flowery Branch in 2011. His practice took off and by the third year he needed to hire an associate to help with all of the work. Realizing that he loved the business side of dentistry, he decided he wanted to purchase a satellite office. He saw much potential in Dr. Hatcher’s practice and certainly has a vision for it in the future.

We wish both doctors the best of luck in the future! Congrats to both!

Dr. Jason Kirkpatrick has acquired the practice of Dr. Claire Worthy in Hiawassee, GA

Dr. Claire Worthy built her dream practice five short years ago in the same building her father had started his practice in 33 years earlier. Dr. Worthy grew up in Hiawassee and was fortunate enough to not only follow in her father’s footsteps but have him working by her side as she started up her own practice. Soon after, Dr. Worthy’s husband, a physician, took a position in a practice in North Carolina. She commuted back and forth for a while but when she became pregnant, made the tough decision to sell her practice and be with her husband full time in North Carolina.

Dr. Jason Kirkpatrick grew up in Knoxville, about an hour from Hiawassee. He purchased a practice there a few years ago and was ready for his next challenge. When he heard about Dr. Worthy’s practice, he jumped at the opportunity to own it. He also called it his dream practice. Since he already owned a practice in Knoxville, it worked out perfectly that Dr. Worthy’s father wanted to continue to work for the foreseeable future. It was a wonderful match for all parties involved.

We were able to close on the sale of the practice just shy of two months before Dr. Worthy’s due date. The timing couldn’t have been better. We wish all parties the best of luck in the future. It certainly was a pleasure working with such lovely people, selling a dream practice, in such a beautiful community.

Selling a thriving practice with a team and patients I loved was bittersweet, but Celeste and Tiffany helped me navigate the process with great understanding and professionalism. Always available to assist and guide me each step of the way, they also introduced me to others with legal and financial expertise who have been a resource of knowledge. Because of their efforts, I was able to transition my practice quickly and move to be with my husband before the birth of our son.

~ Dr. Claire Worthy

Dr. Meigan Miller has acquired the practice of Dr. Bob Betzel in Eatonton, GA.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Meigan Miller has purchased the practice of Dr. Bob Betzel in Eatonton, Georgia. Dr. Miller, a 2011 Medical College of Georgia graduate, had been working as an associate in Gray, Georgia for seven years before deciding to take the leap into ownership. Dr. Bob Betzel went to Emory for dental school and graduated in 1976. He established his practice in Eatonton, Georgia in 1978. We with both parties the best for the future!

Dr. Tommy Nguyen has acquired the practice of Dr. Leonard Routenberg in Dunwoody, GA

Dr. Len Routenberg called BridgeWay after trying to sell his practice on his own for one year. He had been practicing in the same location in Dunwoody for more than 40 years and it was important to him that the practice continue on with a new dentist who would treat his patients like they were used to being treated. This was especially important to Dr. Routenberg as he had met his wife at the practice over 40 years ago!

When we first met Dr. Tommy Nguyen, he had already owned a sold a few practices and was looking for his next project. When he met with Dr. Routenberg, they had an immediate connection. Both doctors respected the other’s approach to patient care and both felt sure that a transition between them would be smooth. Dr. Nguyen closed on the purchase of the practice in a couple months and has already made many improvements to it. He has a vision for the future of the practice and Dr. Routenberg is excited to see so much enthusiasm going into the practice again.

After trying to market my solo dental practice myself for a year, with no success, I decided to use BridgeWay Practice Transitions. Celeste and Tiffany were very knowledgeable and helpful, guiding me through the process. Within two weeks they had a potential buyer. The entire process was completed and my practice turned over to the buyer within four months of signing our contract. I would highly recommend BridgeWay Practice Transitions.

~ Dr. Len Routenberg

Dr. Scott Scharnhorst has acquired the practice of Dr. James Hudson in Rome, GA

After multiple surgeries on different joints, Dr. Hudson decided his body needed a break. An avid runner, he had just gone through hip surgery when he contacted BridgeWay Practice Transitions. Although no where near the age most are able to retire, Dr. Hudson had set himself up to be able to pass the torch early. His practice was in Rome, a beautiful community in Northwest Georgia. His practice was thriving and he was currently still Fee-For-Service. He was still wanting to work on a very limited basis after the sale and then fill in for other dentists in the area for as long as he still enjoyed it.

Dr. Scharnhorst was living in Virginia at the time he reached out to us. He had family in Chattanooga and wanted to move closer to them. He flew down to Georgia to check out Rome and Dr. Hudson’s practice. Both he and his wife thought it would be a great fit for them and their family. A few months later, they were signing contracts on the sale of the practice and both doctor’s were entering a new phase of their life.

Congratulations to both on a successful transition!

I first came across BridgeWay Practice Transitions and immediately was surprised by the quality of the practices in their listings. Many of them were fee for service practices with healthy profit margins. Their referrals for other professionals to involve in the transaction were fabulous, and overall the entire team communicated and worked together well. I am now on the other side of the deal, and although being a new practice owner has its own stresses, I feel blessed to have found the arrangement I did.

~ Dr. Scott Scharnhorst

Dr. Satya Potaraju has acquired the German Village dental practice of Dr. Sam Latif in Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Sam Latif called BridgeWay when he was ready to downsize from two practices to one. He had a satellite office in the German Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio that he was ready to transition. He was passionate about finding the right dentist to take over the practice and had the confidence in Farrah Zemke to do just that. When Farrah met Dr. Satya Potaraju, she had a feeling that Dr. Potaraju was the right person for Dr. Latif’s practice. Dr. Potaraju didn’t attend dental school until her kids were grown, therefore her timeline for ownership was a little pressed. When she met Dr. Latif and saw his practice, she knew it was the one. She put an offer in immediately and never looked back. Both dentists are now happily working together to make sure the transition goes smoothly for all involved. This was truly a story of fulfilling a lifelong dream of practice ownership. Congratulations to all!

When I first met Farrah Zemke with BridgeWay and described to her what I was looking for, she went above and beyond in her search until one that fit my criteria came across. Every step of the way, her valuable experience and negotiating skills ensured that I would be acquiring the right practice. She is professional, proactive, and does not give up. She is very easy to talk to, to work with, and made the whole process significantly easier and comfortable for me. When I successfully purchased the new practice, I enjoyed sharing that moment with her, as I saw her as a partner throughout the whole process. She is a great resource for anyone needing her expertise.

– Satya Potaraju

Mableton Dental Care has acquired the practice of Dr. Tampa Bell in Mableton, GA


We are pleased to announce the transition of Dr. Tampa Rhodes-Bell’s dental practice to Mableton Dental Care, LLC in Mableton, Georgia!

Dr. Rhodes-Bell was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended the Medical College of Georgia for her Dental Medical Doctor degree (DMD), graduating in 1996. After more than a decade as a practice owner, Dr. Bell decided it was time to let someone else manage the business so that she could focus on her patients and her family. With two school aged children, it is very important that she is able to give them the attention they need. She is more than happy to continue working in the practice for many years to come!

Dr. Daniel West has acquired the periodontal practice of Dr. Nathan Shapiro in Tucker, GA

Periodontists practice for sale

Dr. Shapiro received his dental degree from Columbia University in New York in 1974, followed by a hospital residency at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, NY. He then went on to complete his periodontal training at the University of Pennsylvania. Then, he moved to Atlanta to accept a full-time teaching position as Assistant Professor of Periodontics at the Emory University School of Dentistry. In 1979,  Dr. Shapiro established his dental practice specializing in Periodontics in Tucker, Georgia where he stayed for almost 40 years. Realizing it was time to move on to the next chapter of his life, he reached out to BridgeWay Practice Transitions to help him find the right person to sell his practice to.

Dr. West grew up in Algood, Tennessee. He attended Tennessee State University for his undergraduate degree and Meharry Medical College for his dental degree. After practicing general dentistry for a year in Nashville, he decided to go back to school to become a periodontist. He went to the Medical College of Georgia and completed his training in 2008. After working for a large dental corporation for almost ten years, he was more than ready to own his own practice.

It only took two meetings for these dentists to realize they were a good match. 2018 will be the year of change for both of them, as one takes on the responsibility of owning his own business and the other gets to spend a lot more time in Florida. We wish them both much happiness and success in the years to come!

Click here for more information about selling a practice. Click here if you are interested in buying a practice.

Dr. T. James Brown has acquired the practice of Dr. Kevin Magid in Decatur, GA

Dr. Kevin Magid attended Emory University School of Dentistry and graduated in 1977. After completing a general practice residency in the US Air Force, he purchased his practice located in a historic home in downtown Decatur. After 38 years in practice, it was time for Dr. Magid and his wife to do all of the traveling that they had put off while running their practice.

When Dr. T. James Brown reached out to us, he had been out of dental school for two years and was ready for practice ownership. He had his heart set on practicing in Decatur, and at the time, we didn’t have any practices for sale there. Once we listed Dr. Magid’s practice, we knew it could be a good fit for him. Turns out, not only was it a good fit for him, Dr. Brown’s wife had been a patient there! This was truly a perfect match.

I am very glad that I called Bridgeway. After 40 years in practice, I had no clue how to transition into retirement. Tiffany and Celeste came to evaluate my practice and explain the process. In less than a week, they found a Doctor who was the perfect fit to purchase the practice. Celeste was very helpful in guiding me through the procedures. In no time, we were done and both parties were happy with the results. Bridgeway took much of the stress out of the transition and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is contemplating buying or selling their practice.

~ Dr. Kevin Magid