Dr. Amy Li has acquired the practice of Dr. David Barabe in Advance, NC

Dr. David Barabe first graduated from Ohio State in 1966 with a degree in business. He decided to return to school and become a dentist. He graduated from the dental school at Ohio State in 1972. He then came to Forsyth County to begin his practice. Dr. Barabe ran a successful practice in Winston Salem before deciding to relocate to Davie County. Dr. Barabe has 2 children and 8 grandchildren, all living in the Winston Salem area. After 47 years of being a dentist, it was time to consider doing something else. He was excited to help transition a new person into his practice who would treat his patients and staff just like he does. He found that and more with Dr. Amy Li.

Dr. Amy Li grew up in China. While living there, she obtained her M.D. and Ph.D. of Medical Genetics, graduating Magna Cum Laude, in 2003. She worked for ten years in different hospitals in China, Ireland, and the United states doing genetic research. She decided to go to dental school in 2013, enrolling in the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Li’s husband is an engineer and his job was based in North Carolina, so after she graduated from dental school, they settled down near Winston-Salem with their two young daughters. After working as an associate for a couple of years, she decided it was time to work for herself.

When the two dentists met the first time, both of them knew it was the right fit. They formed an immediate bond and worked diligently to make sure the transition would be successful for everyone. Now they are both on the other side and still helping each other out wherever they can.

I want to recommend Kelly Lewis and Bridgeway Practice Transitions to all clients and doctors that are selling or buying a practice. They have been wonderful to work with and my sale and transition went silk smooth. They sold my practice so quickly to the perfect buyer that my wife and I sat in our den that evening and just looked at each other in wonder. Thank you so very much!
~ David Barabe, D.D.S.