Dr. Gehan Jallaq has acquired the Whitehall practice of Dr. Tom Niederhelman in Columbus, OH

Dr. Tom Niederhelman graduated from the Ohio State University and has been in practice for over 30 years. Throughout his career, he has owned several practices, buying and selling some and holding on to others. Realizing he didn’t have the energy to do it all anymore, he decided to sell his Whitehall practice because that was the one that he devoted most of his time to. Selling that office would free up much of his time so that he could do other things.

Dr. Gehan Jallaq graduated in 2005 from University of Illinois at Chicago. After owning her own practice on the west side of Columbus, she was ready to expand her business and purchase a second location. She was particular about the patients she wished to treat and was eager to find a practice where she could add orthodontics to the procedure mix. Dr. Niederhelman’s practice checked all of the boxes! Two months after putting in a purchase proposal, Dr. Jallaq is the proud owner of her second practice and Dr. Niederhelman has more time to relax and figure out his next venture.

I loved working with BridgeWay. I think they did any excellent job in selling the Whitehall office for me. They were very helpful and communicative throughout the process. I look forward to working with BridgeWay again in the future.

~ Tom Niederhelman, D.D.S.