Dr. Neeru Sharma has acquired the practice of Dr. Helen Ashford in Reynoldsburg, OH.

Dr. Helen Ashford graduated dental school in 1996 from the Ohio State University. She owned her dental practice in Reynoldsburg for more than 20 years when she decided it was time to retire. She had undergone back surgery in 2014 and realized that she probably wouldn’t be able to go back to practicing dentistry again. Although she had a wonderful associate in place and was still overseeing the operation of the practice, it was time to sell. She owned the beautiful, free-standing building as well and wanted to sell both the practice and the real estate together.

Dr. Neeru Sharma, also a graduate of the dental school at the Ohio State University, owned a practice down the road and was looking for another practice to buy and move her patients into. Her ideal situation was to finally own her own building. Dr. Ashford’s practice was a perfect fit! With over 3,000 square feet and seven operatories, Dr. Ashford’s building would be able to accommodate both practices under one roof. Two short months after putting in a proposal, Dr. Sharma is now the proud owner of a new practice and new building and Dr. Ashford is spending more time with her husband, traveling and relaxing!

BridgeWay helped me sell my practice and indirectly my building. I cannot begin to properly give enough praise for the work they did on my behalf in this process. The knowledge they have is amazing. They went above and beyond. I was dreading the process, but they made it almost, LOL, painless. Thanks for all the help BridgeWay gave me.

~ Dr. Helen Ashford