Dr. Scott Scharnhorst has acquired the practice of Dr. James Hudson in Rome, GA

After multiple surgeries on different joints, Dr. Hudson decided his body needed a break. An avid runner, he had just gone through hip surgery when he contacted BridgeWay Practice Transitions. Although no where near the age most are able to retire, Dr. Hudson had set himself up to be able to pass the torch early. His practice was in Rome, a beautiful community in Northwest Georgia. His practice was thriving and he was currently still Fee-For-Service. He was still wanting to work on a very limited basis after the sale and then fill in for other dentists in the area for as long as he still enjoyed it.

Dr. Scharnhorst was living in Virginia at the time he reached out to us. He had family in Chattanooga and wanted to move closer to them. He flew down to Georgia to check out Rome and Dr. Hudson’s practice. Both he and his wife thought it would be a great fit for them and their family. A few months later, they were signing contracts on the sale of the practice and both doctor’s were entering a new phase of their life.

Congratulations to both on a successful transition!

I first came across BridgeWay Practice Transitions and immediately was surprised by the quality of the practices in their listings. Many of them were fee for service practices with healthy profit margins. Their referrals for other professionals to involve in the transaction were fabulous, and overall the entire team communicated and worked together well. I am now on the other side of the deal, and although being a new practice owner has its own stresses, I feel blessed to have found the arrangement I did.

~ Dr. Scott Scharnhorst