Dr. Tommy Nguyen has acquired the practice of Dr. Leonard Routenberg in Dunwoody, GA

Dr. Len Routenberg called BridgeWay after trying to sell his practice on his own for one year. He had been practicing in the same location in Dunwoody for more than 40 years and it was important to him that the practice continue on with a new dentist who would treat his patients like they were used to being treated. This was especially important to Dr. Routenberg as he had met his wife at the practice over 40 years ago!

When we first met Dr. Tommy Nguyen, he had already owned a sold a few practices and was looking for his next project. When he met with Dr. Routenberg, they had an immediate connection. Both doctors respected the other’s approach to patient care and both felt sure that a transition between them would be smooth. Dr. Nguyen closed on the purchase of the practice in a couple months and has already made many improvements to it. He has a vision for the future of the practice and Dr. Routenberg is excited to see so much enthusiasm going into the practice again.

After trying to market my solo dental practice myself for a year, with no success, I decided to use BridgeWay Practice Transitions. Celeste and Tiffany were very knowledgeable and helpful, guiding me through the process. Within two weeks they had a potential buyer. The entire process was completed and my practice turned over to the buyer within four months of signing our contract. I would highly recommend BridgeWay Practice Transitions.

~ Dr. Len Routenberg