Buying a Practice

Congratulations! You are taking your first step toward practice ownership! One of the best things about being a dentist is that you also have the opportunity to be your own boss. Whether you are buying your first practice or your tenth practice, we are excited to help you through this wonderful time in your career.

At BridgeWay, we work hard to make sure that each transition we complete is a successful one for both parties. Most practice brokers only work on behalf of the seller. At BridgeWay, all of our buyers are also our clients and are therefore privy to any and all information that we have about the practices we are selling. We strive to make sure that the practice is a good fit for you and will help you reach your practice ownership goals. We operate with complete transparency to allow you to make the best decision possible, whether that takes two months or two years. It’s your timeline, not ours.

  • Hands-On Guidance

    We work very hard to be present every step of the way. From meeting with all of our buyers in person, to being there when they meet a seller, we are focused on giving you the best experience possible. We are available after hours and on weekends because we know that you are most likely seeing patients during the day. Our goal is to provide the best customer service in the industry.

  • Financing

    Most dentists will need to obtain financing in order to purchase a practice. We have strong relationships with all the major and most of the local dental lenders. We can help you find the right loan to fit your practice ownership needs.

  • Contracts

    We provide contracts to be used in the sale of the practice. We encourage our clients to use dental specific attorneys to help them review the contract so that they understand exactly what you are agreeing to. Our contracts start off fair and balanced, so neither party has to be on the defensive during this stage of the process.


​I really enjoyed my experience working with BridgeWay Practice Transitions. Tiffany Stewart was very helpful in finding me the right practice. She was able to provide me with all the information I requested and guided me throughout the process. She is easy to talk to and available to answer any questions at any time. She connected me with the right people that were very helpful as well. Overall, it was a great experience working with BridgeWay!

Dr. Maher Bourbia
Adairsville, Georgia

I happened to stumble upon BridgeWay Transitions, and I am so thankful that I did. Tiffany Stewart is an absolute gem! The entire process of purchasing a practice is very daunting, and she walked me through every step. She put me in touch with the right people to make it all happen; i.e., bank, lawyer, accountant. But what I appreciate the most is her sincerity and thoughtfulness. You can tell that Tiffany is dedicated to what she does and really wants the best for everyone. Tiffany would call and check on me and see if there was anything I needed help with. She really took my thoughts and considerations into account, as well as the sellers. And this was a very difficult task, but Tiffany was available by phone or email 24/7 and would present creative solutions that are mutually beneficial to both parties and goes above and beyond to ensure the transaction proceeds successfully for all involved. This has led to happy, seamless transition. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tiffany and her team to my friends and colleagues. She is above the rest in the market with her expertise, unparalleled knowledge and compassion.

Dr. Anita Pandey
Atlanta, Georgia

To anyone considering a broker to work with, I give the highest endorsement to Todd Blackmar at BridgeWay. Todd represented both myself, the buyer, and the seller. There were issues with the bank and Todd stepped up to do whatever heavy lifting was necessary to shepherd the deal through. I cannot speak highly enough of Todd as a person with class, integrity, and care. If you are looking for a broker that won’t simply bring the buyer and seller together, but will work tirelessly for both parties to insure a smooth transaction, look no further, you’ve found your guy!

Dr. Paul Mikhli
Mentor, Ohio

​It was an excellent experience working with Tiffany. She went through and helped me cross all the roadblocks in my first practice acquisition. Everything has been going as she predicted. I am very happy with the results.

Dr. Hasim Momin
Covington, Georgia

I first came across BridgeWay Practice Transitions and immediately was surprised by the quality of the practices in their listings. Many of them were fee for service practices with healthy profit margins. Their referrals for other professionals to involve in the transaction were fabulous, and overall the entire team communicated and worked together well. I am now on the other side of the deal, and although being a new practice owner has its own stresses, I feel blessed to have found the arrangement I did.

Dr. Scott Scharnhorst
Rome, Georgia

All in all, we’ve definitely had a great experience with Bridgeway Practice Transitions, and really appreciate all the effort made to find this perfect match for our practice! Everything has gone exceptionally well! Thanks so much for everything, and if you come across a similar practice in my neck of the woods, please keep us in mind – we’d love to continue growing!

Dr. Tina Goodall
Cary, North Carolina

Working with BridgeWay Transitions was awesome!  They were very responsive via phone calls, texts, and emails, and I sincerely appreciated their honest, positive attitude throughout the whole transition.  They are knowledgeable and extremely down-to-earth.  I would work with BridgeWay again in a heartbeat.

Dr. Ohm Patel
Raleigh, North Carolina

​Todd was excellent to work with while buying my first dental office. He found the perfect fit for me! He was very helpful throughout the entire process, and was incredibly responsive. I appreciated his honesty, positivity, and encouragement throughout the process. I couldn’t have imagined our transition to go any smoother. I would recommend Todd to anyone looking to buy or sell an office!

Dr. Kelly Wiechart
Newport, Kentucky

Tiffany is amazing. So nice, always there just an email, phone or text away to help in any way she can. She has her heart in the right place. Sensitive and detail oriented, she listens well and has a great sixth sense on which relationships are the right ones to help converge. There can be so many aspects of buying a dental practice that can be jarring. Tiffany with her gentle guidance and superlative communication abilities made the process smooth and reassuring. Her people skills, knowledge and consistently well placed advice kept each of the parties steered in the direction they wanted to go. Tiffany is highly recommended as the “glue” that merges both buying and selling sides to truly “bridge” all the gaps perfectly in place!

Dr. Priya Gupta
Fairfax, Virginia

Todd’s expertise and knowledge were evident throughout the entire process. He was always so easy to contact and quick with detailed responses. The purchase of the practice went very smoothly and afterwards, Todd has continued to answer questions and follow up with us. Todd is sincere, clearly loves his job, and his clients become friends. I wholeheartedly recommend Todd and the team at BridgeWay and look forward to working with them again in the future!

Dr. Jimmy Schooley
Columbus, Ohio

I bought my practice recently and I had the best experience working with BridgeWay. They were able to make my journey easy going, fast and less stressful. They were really honest and very professional. If you want to sell or buy a dental practice, do not hesitate to contact them. Thank you BridgeWay team for everything. I really appreciate it!

Dr. Maha Enin
Manassas, Virginia

It was a very pleasant experience working with BridgeWay Practice Transitions. We got needed help at every step of process. They made the transition process smooth and efficient.​

Dr. Saurin Patel
Lawrenceville, Georgia

It was a pleasure working with Andrea and her team. She was very professional and provided clear communications regarding the terms of the deal, the timeline and taking out any of the guesswork. We Look forward to working with her again as we acquire more practices.

Dr. Emani Sreekanth
Lawrenceville, Georgia

I’ve worked with multiple dental transition groups in my career and BridgeWay Transitions is one of the best. They made the transition as seamless as possible. I’d highly recommend BridgeWay and I plan on working with them again in the future.

Dr. Brent Bernier
Asheville, North Carolina

Regardless of the reason for buying or selling a dental practice, the decision and process are deeply personal. There are many complexities of the deal including the business basics, timing, and the blending of personalities and temperaments. I found Tiffany to possess the experience and skills to get to the finish line. What I found unique in her though, was her innate sensitivity and sincerity. Tiffany genuinely cares about her clients. She conducts herself with integrity, as one who treasures their reputation. When I met Tiffany a couple years ago at a dental meeting, I told her a little about myself and what I was looking for. Apparently, she was listening, because when the perfect practice fit became available she found me and worked with the seller and myself to enable us to make a mutually rewarding transition happen.

Dr. Brenda Fritz
Jasper, Georgia

I would like to thank BridgeWay for all of the work they did in the transaction. It has been a fun time to work with them. Early morning texting, late night phone calls and emails, they are always available for you with their professional knowledge. If ever again we were in need for a dental broker in this area or know of someone that is looking for a good one, I would definitely suggest BridgeWay!

Dr. Amy Li
Advance, North Carolina

When I first met with BridgeWay and described what I was looking for, they went above and beyond in their search until one that fit my criteria came across. Every step of the way, their valuable experience and negotiating skills ensured that I would be acquiring the right practice. They are professional, proactive, and do not give up. They were very easy to talk to, to work with, and made the whole process significantly easier and comfortable for me. When I successfully purchased the new practice, I enjoyed sharing that moment with them, as I saw them as a partner throughout the whole process.

Dr. Satya Potaraju
Columbus, Ohio

I would highly recommend BridgeWay Practice Transitions. I’ve now transitioned 5 offices in my last several years with different brokerage firms and this has been one of the easiest transitions. The people at BridgeWay are truly professional, non-biased, will not try to raise the selling price by doing open houses or setting up bidding wars as other brokerage firms have in the past. They will be open and honest to the buyer and seller to ensure that it’s a great fit for both parties. I hope to help transition several other offices through them and can’t wait for our next project.

Dr. Dipesh Patel
Atlanta, Georgia

My experience with BridgeWay was great. BridgeWay offered the help and guidance to get through this transition process. I was a little confused in the beginning and didn’t have a clear idea of how the process would go. When the process started, BridgeWay made it easier and connected me with the right people that made the transition smoother. Thank you BridgeWay for all the help and support!

Dr. Basu Banstola
Tucker, Georgia

Overall, I felt that my experience was very good. I always felt that my BridgeWay representative had my best interest in mind while being fair and reasonable. I think she did an awesome job with the completion of the transition. I appreciate her hard work and dedication. Thank you so much!!!

Dr. Michael Thomas
Marietta, Georgia