Our clients are our focus.

At BridgeWay Practice Transitions, we pride ourselves in over-serving each and every client. We are focused on being present every step of the way, helping all parties manage the ups and downs of the journey. It is not uncommon for us to take phone calls late at night, work with our clients on the weekends, and respond immediately to urgent requests. Applying this focus and attention on the needs of the client is the difference between a great experience and a terrible one. Because we only work with dentists, we have a deep understanding of what each of our clients are going through and are able to expertly navigate them the process with much empathy and experience. We are well versed in all aspects of the dental transition marketplace and are able to leverage our connections to get the best possible outcomes for each of our clients.

Your timeline, not ours.

BridgeWay Practice Transitions takes a long term outlook on our relationships with our clients. Whether you are looking to make a change today, or just need some guidance, you will receive the same great service from us. Sometimes it takes a buyer 2-3 years to find the practice of their dreams or a seller may need to work five more years before being able to sell, and that’s okay with us! No matter your timeline, we are here to help and work with you on your schedule, not ours.

Our Services

  • Practice Sales

    Most dentists only have one chance to buy and sell their dental practice. We work to make sure that both parties make the best decision possible. We do this through providing complete transparency and never putting our needs before the client’s. We believe that this allows for a true win/win transaction where both parties walk away feeling like their needs and goals were successfully fulfilled. We are a full service transition company that does everything from practice appraisals, assisting in financing, drafting contracts, and anything else that the transition requires.

    Click here to learn more about: Buying a practice or Selling a practice.

  • Associate Placement

    At BridgeWay, we are focused on finding and placing associates in private practices. To successfully do this, we have to have a good understanding of the associate landscape in the new world of corporate dentistry. We are focused on really getting to know both our hosts and our associates to make sure that we are putting together the right people to make sure that the relationship is successful for both parties. We try to make the process as easy as possible by handling initial interviews, screening candidates and job opportunities, drafting agreements, and any thing else that might come up along the way.

    Click here to learn more about: Hiring an associate, Finding an associateship 

  • Other Services

    Already together and need someone to help you to the finish line? We will gladly come in and work as a neutral third party to determine practice value, negotiate the purchase price, provide contracts, and mediate the transition through the entire process.


I would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for the relationship with BridgeWay. We are a multi-doctor practice who was looking for another partner. Trust was the foundation and  BridgeWay NEVER abused the relationship or overwhelmed us with candidates that did not fit our search. BridgeWay understood us well and did an excellent job with our transition.

Dr. Monicha Drew, Dr. David Drew, Dr. Tammy Williams
Carrollton, Georgia

Thank you for such easy, quick and efficient means of transitioning my practice to a new owner. It was simple and straightforward without the drama other brokers had demanded. Thank you for a job well done!​

Dr. John Hinds
Roswell, Georgia

I appreciate both of you. You guys are a great team. The experience was very smooth and easy.

Dr. Michael Mansouri
Atlanta, Georgia

I am grateful for the network of available associate dentists that BridgeWay had ready for us. Within a few days we were introduced to one of their candidates and within weeks the dentist was hired and started. I couldn’t have imagined an easier experience.

Moorehead Family Dentistry
Columbus, Ohio

I first came across BridgeWay Practice Transitions and immediately was surprised by the quality of the practices in their listings. Many of them were fee for service practices with healthy profit margins. Their referrals for other professionals to involve in the transaction were fabulous, and overall the entire team communicated and worked together well. I am now on the other side of the deal, and although being a new practice owner has its own stresses, I feel blessed to have found the arrangement I did.

Dr. Scott Scharnhorst
Rome, Georgia

I had the great pleasure of working with Kelly and BridgeWay on the sale of my practice. They always went the extra mile and help both the buyer and the seller to create a mutual good outcome. She moved the process along in a timely manner and was excellent at dealing with all of the parties at the same time. BridgeWay’s paperwork is easy and straightforward. I look forward to doing more business with them.

Dr. Michael Alterman
Raleigh, North Carolina

I am certainly joyous about the sale of my practice! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to sell my practice to and having almost reached the point of thinking the right person would never come along, y ‘all brought her to me. Thank you for your hard work and patience with me. I am elated.

Dr. Bob Betzel
Eatonton, Georgia

BridgeWay is truly, ‘transitions done differently’. Tiffany proved to be compassionate, attentive and extremely knowledgeable at every step along my road to transition my practice from solo practice of 13 years to a practice merger into a practice in my same neighborhood. This merger has been a terrific win for both myself and the practice with which I merged. It was a true win-win for all. She certainly has the background, connections and the vision to set her clients up for success who are looking to move into their next phase of practice.

Dr. Portia Grayson
Atlanta, Georgia

When I made the decision to sell, I contacted Celeste with BridgeWay. I could tell at our first meeting that she was very knowledgeable about the market and trends. Her confidence in presenting the information about the company and how they market made it an easy decision to choose them to sell my practice. Through their targeted marketing and vast database of clients, a buyer was found quickly and we closed two months after I signed with BridgeWay. Celeste was always available to answer any questions and worked hard to see the process through to the end.

Dr. Dan McManus
Newnan, Georgia

Overall, I felt that my experience was very good. I always felt that Celeste Kohl had my best interest in mind while being fair and reasonable. I think she did an awesome job with the completion of the transition. I appreciate her hard work and dedication. Thank you so much!!!

Dr. Michael Thomas
Marietta, Georgia

Working with Kelly at BridgeWay Transitions was awesome!  She was very responsive via phone calls, texts, and emails, and I sincerely appreciated her honest, positive attitude throughout the whole transition.  She’s knowledgeable and extremely down-to-earth.  I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Dr. Ohm Patel
Raleigh, North Carolina

I appreciate the more in-depth questionnaire BridgeWay utilizes in their matching services. When I interviewed at the practice that I eventually accepted my associate position with, they mentioned that my answer to the ‘Practice Philosophy’ section of the questionnaire was what drew their attention to my application. I had been interviewing for various positions for over a year and had turned down several job offers due to a lack of fit in this exact criterion: shared philosophy of caring for patients. I am not sure I would have found the practice I am so happy to be at now without this particular connection BridgeWay takes into account in their process.

Dr. Mike Franke
Columbus, Ohio

I happened to stumble upon BridgeWay Transitions, and I am so thankful that I did. Tiffany Stewart is an absolute gem! The entire process of purchasing a practice is very daunting, and she walked me through every step. She put me in touch with the right people to make it all happen; i.e., bank, lawyer, accountant. But what I appreciate the most is her sincerity and thoughtfulness. You can tell that Tiffany is dedicated to what she does and really wants the best for everyone. Tiffany would call and check on me and see if there was anything I needed help with. She really took my thoughts and considerations into account, as well as the sellers. And this was a very difficult task, but Tiffany was available by phone or email 24/7 and would present creative solutions that are mutually beneficial to both parties and goes above and beyond to ensure the transaction proceeds successfully for all involved. This has led to happy, seamless transition. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tiffany and her team to my friends and colleagues. She is above the rest in the market with her expertise, unparalleled knowledge and compassion.

Dr. Anita Pandey
Atlanta, Georgia

I want to recommend Kelly Lewis and BridgeWay Practice Transitions to all clients and doctors that are selling or buying a practice. They have been wonderful to work with and my sale and transition went silk smooth. They sold my practice so quickly to the perfect buyer that my wife and I sat in our den that evening and just looked at each other in wonder. Thank you so very much!

Dr. David Barabe
Advance, North Carolina

I would highly recommend Celeste and BridgeWay Practice Transitions. I’ve now transitioned 5 offices in my last several years with different brokerage firms and this has been one of the easiest transitions. Celeste and BridgeWay are truly professional, non-biased, will not try to raise the selling price by doing open houses or setting up bidding wars as other brokerage firms have in the past. They will be open and honest to the buyer and seller to ensure that it’s a great fit for both parties. I hope to help transition several other offices through them and can’t wait for our next project.

Dr. Dipesh Patel
Atlanta, Georgia

Christina and BridgeWay Transitions did a fantastic job helping me, as an associate dentist, find a new practice to work at.  She was continually following up to see how the interview process was going, and made sure I was happy with my transition after my first week.  I would recommend them to any associate trying to find a new opportunity without any hesitation.

Dr. Tyler Overmyer
Columbus, Ohio

I would like to thank Kelly Lewis and BridgeWay for all of the work they did in the transaction. It has been a fun time to work with Kelly. She is always positive and cheerful. Early morning texting, late night phone calls and emails.  She is always available for you with her professional knowledge. If ever again we were in need for a dental broker in this area or know of someone that is looking for a good one, I would definitely suggest Kelly Lewis!

Dr. Amy Li
Advance, North Carolina

I am very glad that I called BridgeWay. After 40 years in practice, I had no clue how to transition into retirement. Tiffany and Celeste came to evaluate my practice and explain the process. In less than a week, they found a Doctor who was the perfect fit to purchase the practice. Celeste was very helpful in guiding me through the procedures. In no time, we were done and both parties were happy with the results. BridgeWay took much of the stress out of the transition and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is contemplating buying or selling their practice.

Dr. Kevin Magid
Decatur, Georgia

BridgeWay helped me sell my practice and indirectly my building. I cannot begin to properly give enough praise for the work they did on my behalf in this process. The knowledge they have is amazing. They went above and beyond. I was dreading the process, but they made it almost, LOL, painless. Thanks for all the help BridgeWay gave me.

Dr. Helen Ashford
Columbus, Ohio

My experience with BridgeWay was great. I was able to sell my practice in the manner that I wanted and in the time span that I needed. They were very informed and kept on top of things. They always kept me up to date with what was going on by texting, e-mailing or phone calls, whatever was needed. Due to their effort, I will be able to retire in 3 months in the way I wanted to leave my practice. I can’t thank them enough for their efforts.

Dr. Anthony P. Schiavone
Warren, Ohio

After trying to market my solo dental practice myself for a year, with no success, I decided to use BridgeWay Practice Transitions. Celeste and Tiffany were very knowledgeable and helpful, guiding me through the process. Within two weeks they had a potential buyer. The entire process was completed and my practice turned over to the buyer within four months of signing our contract. I would highly recommend BridgeWay Practice Transitions.

Dr. Len Routenberg
Dunwoody, Georgia

My journey through the sale of my dental practice was one that involved far more than I ever imagined. From the beginning of the consultant selection up until the signing of the final contract, Casey Brown from BridgeWay was able to overcome all obstacles. What struck me the most was the manner in which he would calmly, patiently and thoroughly attend to any “sticking points” that arose. Casey made himself available any time, any place. He made himself fit my schedule not the other way around. For that,  I was especially thankful. I was pleased to have chosen a such fine respectful young man to work with the sale of my practice. I consider him a friend for life.

Dr. Douglas Fatica
Maumee, Ohio

Thank you for your expert help handling the practice and property sale and transition.  I never would have dreamed that it could be so smooth.  That was a huge deal for all involved on both sides.

Dr. Murray Brown, Jr
Vidalia, Georgia

Selling a thriving practice with a team and patients I loved was bittersweet, but Celeste and Tiffany helped me navigate the process with great understanding and professionalism.  Always available to assist and guide me each step of the way, they also introduced me to others with legal and financial expertise who have been a resource of knowledge.  Because of their efforts, I was able to transition my practice quickly and move to be with my husband before the birth of our son.

Dr. Claire Worthy
Hiawassee, Georgia

When I first met with BridgeWay and described what I was looking for, they went above and beyond in their search until one that fit my criteria came across. Every step of the way, their valuable experience and negotiating skills ensured that I would be acquiring the right practice. They are professional, proactive, and do not give up. They were very easy to talk to, to work with, and made the whole process significantly easier and comfortable for me. When I successfully purchased the new practice, I enjoyed sharing that moment with them, as I saw them as a partner throughout the whole process.

Dr. Satya Potaraju
Columbus, Ohio

Tiffany brings to the table the knowledge, connections, and experience to connect the right buyers with the right sellers in order to achieve a true win win situation. Where other brokers can fail to deliver on the intangibles like sincerity, follow through, and a genuine dedication to the success of all parties involved, Tiffany excels. I feel very fortunate to have found her to help me transition my practice and I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend her.

Dr. Joshua Foulk
Jasper, Georgia

I loved working with BridgeWay. I think they did any excellent job in selling the Whitehall office for me. They were very helpful and communicative throughout the process. I look forward to working with BridgeWay again in the future.

Dr. Tom Niederhelman
Columbus, Ohio

Regardless of the reason for buying or selling a dental practice, the decision and process are deeply personal. There are many complexities of the deal including the business basics, timing, and the blending of personalities and temperaments. I found Tiffany to possess the experience and skills to get to the finish line. What I found unique in her though, was her innate sensitivity and sincerity. Tiffany genuinely cares about her clients. She conducts herself with integrity, as one who treasures their reputation. When I met Tiffany a couple years ago at a dental meeting, I told her a little about myself and what I was looking for. Apparently, she was listening, because when the perfect practice fit became available she found me and worked with the seller and myself to enable us to make a mutually rewarding transition happen.

Dr. Brenda Fritz
Jasper, Georgia

I want to thank you for selling my practice. Your tireless effort, organization, professionalism, and your encouragement made this transition a reality. You really made the effort to get to know me and my situation. Now I am able to move on to the next adventure. I can’t express how much gratitude I have for you and your excellent team. Keep being wonderful!

Dr. Jack Brinkley
Charlotte, North Carolina

I’ve worked with multiple dental transition groups in my career and Kelly and her team with BridgeWay Transitions was one of the best. She made the transition as seamless as possible. I’d highly recommend BridgeWay and I plan on working with them again in the future.

Dr. Brent Bernier
Asheville, North Carolina
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