Dr. Gehan Jallaq has acquired the Whitehall practice of Dr. Tom Niederhelman in Columbus, OH

Dr. Tom Niederhelman graduated from the Ohio State University and has been in practice for over 30 years. Throughout his career, he has owned several practices, buying and selling some and holding on to others. Realizing he didn’t have the energy to do it all anymore, he decided to sell his Whitehall practice because that was the one that he devoted most of his time to. Selling that office would free up much of his time so that he could do other things.

Dr. Gehan Jallaq graduated in 2005 from University of Illinois at Chicago. After owning her own practice on the westside of Columbus, she was ready to expand her business and purchase a second location. She was particular about the patients she wished to treat and was eager to find a practice where she could add orthodontics to the procedure mix. Dr. Niederhelman’s practice checked all of the boxes! Two months after putting in a purchase proposal, Dr. Jallaq is the proud owner of her second practice and Dr. Niederhelman has more time to relax and figure out his next venture.

I loved working with Farrah. I think she did any excellent job in selling the Whitehall office for me. She was very helpful and communicative throughout the process. I look forward to working with her in the future. ~ Tom Niederhelman, D.D.S.

Dr. Michael Beckerman has acquired the practice of Dr. Steve Woodall in Villa Rica, GA.

Dr. Steve Woodall grew up in Villa Rica, GA. He graduated from West Georgia University with a BS in Biology then he attended Emory University School of Dentistry, graduating in 1974. He set up his practice in a lovely historic home in Villa Rica just one year later. With almost 45 years of dentistry under his belt, it was time to find his successor. His son had gone to dental school, but after spending a few years working as a general dentist, decided to go back to school and become an orthodontist. He now has a thriving practice down the road from Dr. Woodall. Dr. Woodall’s two daughters were very successful in each of their respective fields and his beautiful wife was ready to go on more trips.

Dr. Michael Beckerman grew up in Georgia. He attended college at the University of Georgia in Athens and received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the Medical College of Georgia in 2011. After practicing in Atlanta for 7 years, he decided it was time to buy his own practice. He was getting married and wanted to find his forever practice and settle down with his new bride.

After some unsuccessful suitors, when Dr. Beckerman met with Dr. Woodall, they instantly knew it would be a wonderful transition. With similar practice philosophies and personalities, it was easy to see that the patients would welcome Dr. Beckerman into the practice and Dr. Woodall would feel good leaving them in his hands. Dr. Woodall is excited to stay on part-time to help with the transition and continue doing what he loves but at a slower pace. Dr. Beckerman is anxious to learn what he can from the years of experience that Dr. Woodall has, but is also ready to make his own mark on the practice and try out some new things.

We wish everyone the best of luck!

Dr. Amy Li has acquired the practice of Dr. David Barabe in Advance, NC

Dr. David Barabe first graduated from Ohio State in 1966 with a degree in business. He decided to return to school and become a dentist. He graduated from the dental school at Ohio State in 1972. He then came to Forsyth County to begin his practice. Dr. Barabe ran a successful practice in Winston Salem before deciding to relocate to Davie County. Dr. Barabe has 2 children and 8 grandchildren, all living in the Winston Salem area. After 47 years of being a dentist, it was time to consider doing something else. He was excited to help transition a new person into his practice who would treat his patients and staff just like he does. He found that and more with Dr. Amy Li.

Dr. Amy Li grew up in China. While living there, she obtained her M.D. and Ph.D. of Medical Genetics, graduating Magna Cum Laude, in 2003. She worked for ten years in different hospitals in China, Ireland, and the United states doing genetic research. She decided to go to dental school in 2013, enrolling in the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Li’s husband is an engineer and his job was based in North Carolina, so after she graduated from dental school, they settled down near Winston-Salem with their two young daughters. After working as an associate for a couple of years, she decided it was time to work for herself.

When the two dentists met the first time, both of them knew it was the right fit. They formed an immediate bond and worked diligently to make sure the transition would be successful for everyone. Now they are both on the other side and still helping each other out wherever they can.

I want to recommend Kelly Lewis and Bridgeway Practice Transitions to all clients and doctors that are selling or buying a practice. They have been wonderful to work with and my sale and transition went silk smooth. They sold my practice so quickly to the perfect buyer that my wife and I sat in our den that evening and just looked at each other in wonder. Thank you so very much!
~ David Barabe, D.D.S.

Dr. Neeru Sharma has acquired the practice of Dr. Helen Ashford in Reynoldsburg, OH.

Dr. Helen Ashford graduated dental school in 1996 from the Ohio State University. She owned her dental practice in Reynoldsburg for more than 20 years when she decided it was time to retire. She had undergone back surgery in 2014 and realized that she probably wouldn’t be able to go back to practicing dentistry again. Although she had a wonderful associate in place and was still overseeing the operation of the practice, it was time to sell. She owned the beautiful, free-standing building as well and wanted to sell both the practice and the real estate together.

Dr. Neeru Sharma, also a graduate of the dental school at the Ohio State University, owned a practice down the road and was looking for another practice to buy and move her patients into. Her ideal situation was to finally own her own building. Dr. Ashford’s practice was a perfect fit! With over 3,000 square feet and seven operatories, Dr. Ashford’s building would be able to accommodate both practices under one roof. Two short months after putting in a proposal, Dr. Sharma is now the proud owner of a new practice and new building and Dr. Ashford is spending more time with her husband, traveling and relaxing!

Farrah helped me sell my practice and indirectly my building. I cannot begin to properly give Farrah enough praise for the work she did on my behalf in this process. The knowledge she has is amazing. She went above and beyond. I was dreading the process, but she made it almost, LOL, painless.  Thanks for all the help BridgeWay gave me.

~ Dr. Helen Ashford

Dr. Michael Blackmon has acquired the practice of Dr. Maureen Martin in Cartersville, GA.

Dr. Martin graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in 2006. Less than one year later, she opened up her own private practice in Cartersville, GA. After successfully running her business for over a decade, she decided it was time to do something different.

This isn’t the first practice for Dr. Blackmon. He had owned a sold a very nice practice in Rome, GA. Wanting to get back into ownership after a brief time working for someone else, he jumped at the chance to own this practice in Cartersville.

Congrats to all!

Dr. Jan Labeda has acquired and merged the practice of Dr. Thomas Lustenberger in Batavia, OH.

Dr. Lustenberger graduated from the Ohio State University School of Dentistry in 1979. In 1981, he established his solo dental practice in Batavia, Ohio. Around 2014, he decided it was time to start thinking about a transition. He talked to several brokers over the next four years and finally settled on working with BridgeWay when he met with Farrah and Tiffany in January 2018.

It was important to Dr. Lustenberger to transition his patients to the right dentist. With father-son team, Drs. Jan and Bart Labeda, just down the road, he immediately thought they would be a great fit. They had a reputation for treating their patients well and doing the right thing. They enthusiastically embraced the idea of merging Dr. Lustenberger’s patients into their practice and taking over their treatment. Now they are busier than ever and Dr. Lustenberger has moved on to a more relaxed way of life. Congrats to all parties involved!

Dr. Eyad Aldara has acquired the practice of Dr. Anthony Schiavone in Warren, OH

Dr. Anthony Schiavone established his practice in Warren, Ohio in 1978. He moved it to its current location in 2011. By 2018, he was ready to start looking for a buyer for his practice. He originally listed his practice with a business broker. When, after six months, not one person had looked at the practice and the broker had never reached out to give any kind of update, Dr. Schiavone decided to try something different. He reached out to BridgeWay and met with Farrah. He wanted to retire by the end of March 2019, so when he listed his practice with us in September 2018, we didn’t have much time.

Dr. Eyad Aldara already owned a practice in the area and was ready to buy his second. Farrah had met with him previously and knew immediately that he would be a great candidate for Dr. Schiavone’s practice. When Dr. Schiavone met him, he immediately liked him and thought Dr. Aldara would treat his patients with kindness. Dr. Aldara also places implants, which Dr. Schiavone thought would be a great addition to the practice. Dr. Aldara purchased the practice right away and is keeping Dr. Schiavone on for a few months.

Dr. Schiavone is planning on working at the practice through March so that he can hit his retirement goals. However, once he does retire, he has plenty he wants to do such as golfing with his buddies and traveling with his wife to see their kids more. We wish them both the best of luck!

My experience with Farrah Zemke & Bridgeway was great. I was able to sell my practice in the manner that I wanted and in the time span that I needed. Farrah was very informed and kept on top of things. She always kept me up to date with what was going on by texting, e-mailing or phone calls, whatever was needed. Due to her effort, I will be able to retire in 3 months in the way I wanted to leave my practice. I can’t thank her enough for her efforts; she is truly a first class individual.

~ Dr. Anthony Schiavone


I have known Farrah for over a year. We have met several times during which Farrah has shown great knowledge and professionalism. I can describe Farrah as honest, knowledgeable, and strong work ethic. I highly recommend her to my peers in the dental field.

~ Dr. Eyad Aldara

Riverwood Dental has acquired the Cumberland practice of Dr. Michael Mansouri in Atlanta, GA

Wanting to focus more on his main practice and family, Dr. Mansouri decided to sell his satellite office in Vinings. He originally listed the practice with a different broker, but after 6 months with no activity, he decided to look for another option.

Within a few weeks of listing his practice with BridgeWay, we had his practice under contract with the perfect buyer.

Both parties worked very well together and we had the entire transition completed in only 3 months! We hope Dr. Mansouri gets to spend a little more time at home now that he doesn’t have an extra practice to manage!


Dr. Aaron Larsen has acquired the practice of Dr. John Hinds in Roswell, GA

When Dr. Hinds was ready to retire from dentistry, he first tried selling his practice through another company. After getting nowhere for over a year, he decided to give BridgeWay a try. Dr. Hinds graduated from dental school in 1983 and had been practicing at his current location in Roswell since 1996. Dr. Hinds maintained other business ventures during his time practicing dentistry and was ready to travel more and focus on his other businesses.

Dr. Larsen has owned multiple practices during his career. He came to us because he was ready to buy an additional location for him to personally work in himself. He lives in the Roswell area and jumped at the opportunity to buy Dr. Hinds’ practice. Just a short time after meeting Dr. Hinds, he successfully closed on the purchase of the practice.

Both dentists are excited about the next chapter. We enjoyed working with them both and wish them luck in the future!

Thank you for such easy, quick and efficient means of transitioning my practice to a new owner. It was simple and straightforward without the drama other brokers had demanded. Thank you for a job well done!​ – John Hinds, DDS