Transition Times

Fall/Winter 2020

Dr. Ken Cheng has acquired the practice of Dr. Tom Geoghegan in Duluth, GA

Dr. Tom Geoghegan graduated from Emory in 1984 and bought his practice shortly after in 1986. Dr. Geoghegan maintained a mostly fee for service practice in Duluth, GA which focused heavily on patient care. He prided himself on his patient relationships and was particular about who would be taking over his practice. Dr. Geoghegan spent a career in dentistry and was ready to spend more time with his young daughter.

Dr. Ken Cheng graduated from Columbia University in 2016 and attended Georgia Institute of Technology for undergrad. Dr. Cheng does many procedures and was looking to purchase a practice where he could add value by doing procedures that were not currently being done. Dr. Geoghegan’s practice was very close to Dr. Cheng’s primary location and they immediately hit it off. Both parties were very amenable to one another and BridgeWay was able to close the transition in just over three months.

Dr. Jacob Koch has acquired and merged the Orthodontic practice of Dr. George Mitchell, III in Loganville, GA

Dr. George Mitchell, III graduated from Emory University in 1978 and completed his Orthodontic residency at Emory in 1980. He promptly started his Orthodontic practice right out of school in 1980. Dr. Mitchell created a mostly fee for service practice and was at a point in his career where he wanted to continue practicing but on a slower schedule.

Dr. Jacob Koch started a practice near Dr. Mitchell where he was working two days a week. Dr. Koch was hoping to grow this practice and was close enough to merge Dr. Mitchell’s patients into his practice. This was an excellent option for Dr. Mitchell as he was able to keep working on a lighter schedule without the management aspect of ownership.

Dr. Michael Hampton has acquired the practice of Dr. Dan McManus in Newnan, GA

Dr. Dan McManus graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1992. He previously owned and sold a practice in Newnan, GA before starting his second Newnan practice in 2008. This practice became a very successful fee for service and PPO practice with a large focus on patient care. He and his wife Molly owned a farm in Perry, GA where they were hoping to move to full time.

BridgeWay listed the practice and the first buyer to see the practice, Dr. Michael Hampton, put in an offer. Dr. Hampton attended UGA for undergrad and Augusta University for dental school, graduating in 2018. Dr. Hampton has family in dentistry and knew he wanted to be an owner after graduation. Prior to purchasing a practice, he was working in multiple locations throughout Georgia as an associate. He was very excited about Dr. McManus’s practice and is doing well post sale.

Dr. McManus moved to Perry, GA after the sale and Dr. Hampton is quite busy despite the pandemic. Both dentists were excellent to work with and BridgeWay was able to close the sale of the practice in three months.