Dr. Steven Sowers

If you are buying/selling a practice in the VA/DC region, you are in luck. You will have the pleasure of working with BridgeWay Practice Transitions! I had a very small practice and owned a small condo space. The plan was to work 3 ½  more years, walk away from the practice, and sell the space at a discount. I called BridgeWay at the end of May to request the free appraisal. Within 10 days I had a signed purchase proposal. One month later I worked my last day! I won the lottery and the prize was 3 ½ extra years of life. This incredible experience was all due to the hard work of the people at BridgeWay. They held my hand through the whole process and made it seamless. If you are considering a transition, do yourself a favor and give BridgeWay a call.